4% , be close to 3000 a little bit to close greatly once more"Epidemic situation decides economic fluidity directly, economic fluidity influence is carried to traffic, if everybody's car did not move consumptive demand to go up not to come, do not come on demand so the price can drop5%

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    Day endowment enterprise adopts long-term position, the macroeconomic that affects China deeply not only goes situation, and the personal interest that affects countless China employeeLimits of operation of Robotaxi of article far knowing and doing enclothes area of core of developing zone of Guangzhou city Huang Bu district, Guangzhou to exceed 144 square kilometer, open fluctuation car nods about 200

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      Monarch strategy Li Shaojun: Metaphase signal is progressively and clear but still want advertent risk to disturb the fluidity with introduction wide whole world is comfortable push the risk preference that rose investor and venture capital price, but investor still needs vigilant and potential epidemic situation, ground to wait for a risk along attrition disturb with hopeful anticipate the amendatory is poundedEnrol merchant bank: Predicting Shanghai shows annual will come 3300 a little bit to move to come all right at 2700 bits in year, the environment already changed

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    Upright support also will drive better hardware " software defines a car " trend trend is mature

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    And of preeminent company grow, the promotion of company competition ability all needs time accumulate, accordingly, these companies just may get extended holdAmong them, the roc raise Jing Wo that held water on March 16 scale of A of 6 months hold is the largest, achieve 5

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